At the Beauty Room I also offer a tinting service for the eyelashes and eyebrows using hypoallergenic products to ensure even the most sensitive of eyes will be fine. I always carry out a sensitivity test first if you have not had your lashes or brows tinted before. This is to ensure you will not suffer any allergic reaction to the products. Tinting the lashes or eyes is a great way to save time during your busy day. It means you do not have to wear make-up, can go swimming and not have to worry about your make-up running as well as waking up in the morning looking totally refreshed with no smears or streaks around the eye area.


eyes A woman's eyebrows can define her whole face. I understand this and I am fully trained in the art of shaping your brows to define, enhance and refresh the whole face. Not only can I shape your eyebrows, I can also tint them to enhance their definition. This is specifically good for clients who have very fine, or lightly coloured eyebrows, as well as for people who do not have the time to apply an eyebrow pencil.

*Eyelash Tinting - £10.00
*Eyebrow Lamination (includes Tinting) - £40.00
*Eyebrow Tinting - £8.00
Eyebrow Shaping - £8.00
* Patch test required.